Syrian Immigration

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Syrian Immigration

Syrian Immigration

Terrorist-Free Garuntee?

Over the past year there has been a tremendous decrease in the amount of syrian immigrants despite the number of refugees who currently need to come to America. Although there is a good reason why the U.S. is trying not to allow any terrorists into the country that still in my opinion shouldn’t prevent all but a select few because despite the efforts of Germany getting people to travel there there still is a lot of people who still need to come in. And even though there has been a decrease the syrian’s need to immigrate/ refugee problem has been the worst in decades. Although there is a risk of terrorists it is really unlikely to happen especially with all the screening and tests done to make sure that America doesn’t have terrorists come in, and other countries go through the same testing and the tests show the evidence needed to prove whether or not they are terrorists and if they help with one country what’s the difference between

Why Germany?

America vs. Germany

Many Syrians have been immigrating to Germany. The reason for this is because Germany has been allowing refugeees to stay there. Unlike the U.S.A. where they need to go through alot of processes to become a U.S. citizen all you need to do to get to Germany is ride a very crowded boat from Syria to Germany across the Mediteranian Sea that way easier than how to get to America.

The majority of the Syrian immigration is due to refugee situations in Jordan as well as, the majority of the new immigrants have traveled here and are currently settling in area’s with other syrian or even better, relatives which , I am inferring that it is because it might help with transition and so that they feel more comfortable and they have people to help them out with their experience Location of newly Placed and Relatives/ Pre-immigrated syrian immigrats shown on the maps.“They are among the most vulnerable people in the war: single mothers and their children; religious minorities; victims of violence or torture.” - The New York Times

Who, Where and Why

The number of immigrants compared to other country the U.S. is part of the top 15 and even so the number of immigrants coming is just 1,854 and compared to Germany which is 92,991 that is a really big difference and not only that but 1,854 immigrants that's from 2012 to September 2015 so that's not a lot but there is a bit of good news: for the wpcoming year the amount of the immigrants coming to the U.S. will be raised to 10,000.

Newly Placed Immigrants

Relatives or Immigrants who have left Syria before the war

Link for an immigrants story in the U.S. the transition:

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