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Backround on Syria*Following the break-up of Ottoman Empire during WW1, France administered Syria unntil it's independence in 1946. The country lacked political stability, however, and experienced a series of military coups during its first decade, Syria united with Egypt in Febuary 1958 to form the united arab republic was re-estabilished in November 1970.*Bashar al-ASAD, was approved in July 2000,Syrian troops -stationed in lebarnon since 1978 in pdtensible peace keeping role,were withdrawn in April 2005.*During July-August 2006 conflict between Israel and Hizballah, Syria placed its military forces on alert but did not intervene directly on behalf of its ally Hizballah.Economy of Syria*The economy of Syria is based on a diversified economy that revolves arounf agriculture, oil industy and tourism.Syrian people*The syrian people are the inhabitants and citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic while modern day Syrians are commonly knowm ad Arab , and Arab speaking groups.Human rights in Syria*Human rights in Syria have been described as "poor", from 1963 until pril 2011, "The emergeny rule" had remained in effect which gave security forces sweeping powers of arrest and detention.


Human Rights Violations

Refugees from Syria face futher suffering if Jordan closes border.

* Preventing refugees from entering Jordan to escape the conflicts in Syria would increase suffering and could lead to futher blood shead and human rights abuses.* Jordan has already recived 187,552 refugees from Syria.* 620,000 have fked the conflict in Syria to neighbouring countries in the region , 60,000 people dead.*"Whilist it is paramounts that Syria neighbours continue to keep thir boarders open.

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Presdient Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria

8 Stages of Genocide/ Human Rights Violations.Genocide meaning the deliberate killing of a large group of people especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Syria is currently in the 8 stages of Genocide. Syria falls under the Classification stage, Symbolization, Organization and Extermination. To prevent further abuse for all these stages, we must spread awareness and help Syria out in any way possible. Try to get other countries involved to intervene.

Human Rights ViolationsDuring the Syrian civil war have been numerois and serious human rights violations. The vast majority have been commited by government forces, though Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that both side appear to have committed war crimes. The UDHR and UN convention have given us many rules to follow yet many have been broken in Syria, but no one has yet to jump in. WE must spread awareness so that people can stop the atrocity that is going on in Syria.



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