Syria at War

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Syria at War

Syria at War.

The al Hassad family have been in power of Syria since 1963. THis has happened through abuse, punishment, severity, Military dictatorship etc. The countries defending Syria are USA, Turkey, France and Britain and the al Qaeda. They want the al Hassad family to go, Drop the Throne. Then the countries supporting him are Russia, Iran and China. The population in Syria is 20.800.000 people. The languages of Syria are arabic, Kurdish, Armenian and Turkish. The capital is damascus, with important landmarks. In march 2011 there was a march called arab springs. Since 2000 the al hassad family is still ruling today. The political bath party have had power for 10 decades. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. There are school kids drawing graffiti that wanted to protest against al hassad. The al hassad are trying to stop protest by gunfire and shells by defending themselves, the people caused a civil war. There are up to date 100.000 peopole dead.

Facts about Syriayria


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