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Synnoves Information Report


There are many attractions in wanganui. Wanganui also is located in the north island on the west coast of New Zealand.

River City

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Kowhai ParkKowhai park is one of the most unique childrens park in new zealand. It is located on the banks of the wanganui river off Anzac Parade.Kowhai park has been there for 50 years. The park also has great playground equitment. Theres also 2 BBQS in the pumkin that are heated by gas for 20 hole minutes and are free to use.

Descripition paragraph 3

Wanganui RiverThe wanganui River starts from mount tongarira finishs at the tasman sea. The River is 290km long. The wanganui River is the 3rd longest river, Most of the town lies on the north west bank but some are on the oppasite side to th river.

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The Durie Hill TowerThe Durie Hil Tower was built after the world war. Its 33.5 meters tall. Its a memory tower for all the people who died for us and their familys in 1914 and 1918s wars. Its built of stone and brick. Also the cage is there so that you don't fall off it. Also it has a great view over wanganui.


Over all Wanganui is a beautiful place with kind people and great attractions to visits.


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