Synchronized swimming

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Synchronized swimming

Try to keep your breathe for more than 1 minute

Spanish team in team copmetitions in London 2012 Olimpics

Fast Facts - Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers - In 1907, Australian Annette Kellerman popularized the sport when she performed in a glass tank as an underwater ballerina in the New York Hippodrome

synchronized swimming

pretty hard huh ??

Easy ??

In the end it looks really amazing

let's see it

It takes a lot of time to get ready before we get in to the water

>The first Olympic demonstration was at the 1952 Olympic Games, where the Helsinki officials welcomed Kay Curtis>The technical routine acts as a replacement for the figure event, and is usually used only in senior and collegiate level meets> a longer "free" routine, which has no requirements and is a chance for the swimmers to get creative and innovative with their choreography.

We have to put gelatine on hair , and waterproof make up, it is really hard work


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