[2015] Delani Dunn (5th Hour Junior English): Symbolism Poster

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[2015] Delani Dunn (5th Hour Junior English): Symbolism Poster


Delani Dunn

Ichose tools to represent dance because its not just about dancing, its also about all the hard work that has to go into it and not everyone knows the hard work that goes into training.





The heart represents the love that i have for my family and friends without them i wouldnt be the same person i am today. i know i can always rely on them for anything. The color pink represents love and friendship.

These are all the girls in my family. i am so thankful for each of them. i look up to them and they have a very big role in my life. Family is a big part of my life and will always be.

I chose the beach to represent myself becuase i would say that i am a very laid back person and i just go with the flow of everything. Also the color light blue is for undersanding i am also a very understanding person.

I chose a stethoscope to represent caring becuase when i graduate high school i want to go to medical school to become a nure. I think for that job you really have to care about your pateints and thats something i would enjoy doing.


I chose the red slippers to represent home becuase ''there is no place like home". i am a home body. i would rather sleep at home then have a sleepover at my friends house.


I chose this map to represent travel becuase when im older and have a steady job i want to travel the world and get to see what else is out there, it intrests me to get to hear and see new things.


I chose fruit to represent health becuase i like to eat healthy. I like the feeling of being health and having energy to do the things that i want. The color yellow symbolizes freshness which would represent the freshness of the fruits and green symbolizes creation, all fruits had to be created from some plant of grown from the ground.


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