[2015] MooreIsabel 123456 (4th Hour Junior English, Second Hour AP Lang): Symbolism

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[2015] MooreIsabel 123456 (4th Hour Junior English, Second Hour AP Lang): Symbolism

The crab represents my zodiac symbol- Cancer. I am very true to my zodiac symbol, as I tend to be a little moody at times, I love history, and am loyal to my friends and family. However, I also need my alone time. Cancer is also associated with the moon, and the moon is to the ocean. I love the ocean and the water in general.

The wolf represents instinct, teamwork, loyalty, and leadership. Whenever I need to make a decision, I almost always go with my gut instinct. I am a basketball player and a lifeguard, and those two things are all about teamwork and communication. I am very team-oriented, and my basketball team is my family. I also am a born leader, especially being the oldest in my family.

Sea turtles are well known for the fact that every year, they return o their birthplace, their home, no matter how far they have travelled. Despite any challenges or rough patches in my life, I always stand by my friends and family because they are who I have found a home in. Sea turtles are also symbols of longevity, endurance, and protection. It doesn't matter how long I haven't seen or spoken to someone, I will always consider them my friend and will never turn my back on them when they need me.

The season of winter is seen as cold and harsh. For almost my whole life, winter has been my favorite season. In the past, I have been very quiet and contained, not displaying my true feelings very often. However, in recent years, I have become more open and outgoing, being an extrovert rather than an introvert. My favorite season has also changed from winter to summer, symbolizing my change from being an introvert to an extrovert.


The Dahlia flower is a symbol of inner strength and strong belief in oneself. I am a very confident person, but not to the point where I am arrogant. Dahlias are also purple, and purple represents serenity. Serenity means the abscense of stress and anxiety. I am not easily stressed and I almost never experience anxiety.

These chinese symbols spell out my full name, Isabel. I chose to include chinese symbols becuase I appreciate how family orientated the chinese are. Family and honor are two very important themes to the Chinese culture. I love my family, though sometimes we all have trouble showing it. I believe that family honor doesn't necessarily mean making others respect your family as a whole; I think it's more about respecting and loving the members of your family no matter what challenges we may face.

The color palette used is of mostly cool colors. Cool colors include green, purple, light blue, and dark blue. These colors typically represent peace, serenity, calmness, understanding, softness, purity, and a love for nature.

Otters represent a playfull and joyous attitude. I personally love to have fun, and you will usually see me smiling, laughing, and making jokes. I love making people happy. I tend to smile at people a lot, hopinh to make their day, or at least cheer them up for a second.


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