[2015] Nakailla Kirkpatrick: Symbiotic relationships

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[2015] Nakailla Kirkpatrick: Symbiotic relationships

Symbiotic Relationships




Mutualism is a relationship between two different species that benefit and are dependent upon their relationship for survial. An example of mutualism is Bees and Flowers. The bees going out the flower to pollinate them and help the reproduce, While the bee takes the nectar from the flower back to the hive to produce honey.

Parasitism is a relationship between two species in which one species (the parasite) nourishes and lives off of the host species. An example of parasitism is a Mosquito, The are always sucking another organisms blood and causing them to inch. Another example would be a snake and mites. Snakes can get mites underneather their scales that suck their blood until they die.

commensalism is a relationship in which one species derives food or shelter from another species without harming that organism or providing any benefits in return.Some examples of commensalism would be a snail and a shell. The snail has shelter from the shell on his back and the shell remains unharmed. Another example would be a Whale and a Barnicle. The barnicle attaches to the whale to get food easily and the whale in unharmed by the barncle living on him.

A symbiotic relationship is when two species of organisms live in close association with each other and one organism directly benefits.


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