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For Physical health what you need to do is excerise everyday for atleast 30minutes to keep your fitness levels intact.You should also eat alot of fruit and vegtables to keep your health levels good.You should eat vitamins to keep everything good inside.Also you may look healthy on the outside but you never know whats happening in the inside.

Social health is will should be a very big thing in everyons life. Everyone has there friends and it may not seem like it but there what is keeping you from going insane.Well think about having no friends you would be so lonley you would go crazy sooner or for social health what you should do its keep your friends close to you because there a huge part of your social life in alot of ways you may not be able to notice..Keep with your friends and keep your social balance intact with your usual life. 'Spiritual

Spiritual wellbeing imvolves the values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for the meaning and purpose in life and personal identity and self-awareness. For some individuals and communities, spiritual wellbeing in linked to a particular religion but for others it is not.

Emontional health is a real important thing like,going out with friends,spending time with family and people who are close to you.A healthy and balanced diet keeps your emontions at a healthy level.

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