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Sylvia Earle

Paragraph1: Sylvia Earle was born in Gibbstown, New Jersey in August 30, 1935.Sylvia Earle's parents raised her and her brothers on a small farm near Camden. When Sylvia was 13, they moved to Clearwater, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. Soon, Sylvia was learning all she could about the wildlife of the Gulf and its coast. She was an exceptional student and won scholarship to Florida State. Throughout her school years, she supported herself by working in college laboratories.

Paragraph: Sylvia Earle made many discoveries. In 1992, Sylvia Earle founded Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, now DOER Marine Operations. In order to study the deepest parts of the ocean, Sylvia Earle and Graham Hawkes, built carefully engineered submersible crafts under their companies Deep Ocean Technology, Inc., and Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. The submersible Deep Rover, for example, could explore depths of more than 900 meters (about 3,000 feet) and, as a result, revealed much about life in the deepest parts of the ocean. In addition to serving as Chairperson of her company, she is the leader of Sustainable Seas Expeditions, adjunct scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and a member of various boards, foundations, and committees dealing with marine research, policy, and conservation. Sylvia Earle's achievements as an oceanographer have earned her nicknames such as "Her Deepness" and "The Sturgeon General." Sylvia Earle was one of the first scuba divers to explore underwater habitats, and she made what is still the world's deepest solo dive in 1979, when she descended 380 meters (1,250 feet) in a pressurized garment off the coast of Hawaii. Sylvia Earle has also discovered a wide variety of new marine species and discovered unusual landscape features such as undersea dunes off the coast of the Bahamas. Sylvia Earles's discoveries have made it possible for us to know and learn about life beneath the ocean.

"With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on earth you live."- Sylvia Earle

"I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and , in so doing , secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us." -Sylvia Earle

Paragraph2: Sylvia Earle was an Oceanographer. In 1969 Sylvia Earle applied to participate in the Tektite project. This venture, sponsored jointly by the U.S. Navy, the Department of the Interior and NASA allowed teams of scientist to live for weeks at a time in an enclosed habitat on the ocean floor fifty feet below the surface, off the Virgin Islands. In 1970, Sylvia Earle and four other women dove 50 feet below the surface to the small structure they would call home for the next two weeks. In the 1970s, scientific missions took Sylvia Earle to the Galapagos, to the water off Panama, to China and the Bahamas and, again, to the Indian Ocean. During this period she began a productive collaboration with undersea photographer Al Giddings. Together, they investigated the battleship graveyard in the Caroline Islands of the South Pacific.

by: Emma Hippolite

Sylvia Earle was among the first underwater explorers to make use of modern self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) gear, and indentified many new species of marine life.

Sylvia Earle has spent nearly her hole life diving beneath the ocean.

In 1968, Dr. Earle traveled to a hundred feet below the waters of the Bahamas in the submersible Deep Diver. She was four months pregnant at the time.

Born: August 30 ,1935Died:

Sylvia Earle


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