Sylvia & Aki By: Winifred Conkling

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Sylvia & Aki By: Winifred Conkling

Sylvia ' AkiBy:Winifred Conkling

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Book SummaryThe Award Winning book "Sylvia & Aki" takes place in the 1940's shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The story reflects the trouble with segregation & racism in America in a way that students can underdstand & find interesting. Sylvia faces a fight against segregation and fair schooling opportunity, and Aki is forced to face interment camps and her family is told they are traitors for something they did not do. Without realizing it, the girls' similar lifestyle of restrictions draw them closer together; building a strong foundation for a lifetime friendship.

SylviaA 10 year old girl of Mexican heritage must face living in a new place, fighting for equal schooling opportunities. One day while she is playing in her room she finds a doll that belonged to the girl named Aki who lived there before her. The dolls leads the girls to communicate with each other. They have miles of distance between them, and barely any between their spirits.

AkiA 12 year old girl of Japanese heritage who must face the hardships of living in an internment camp after Pearl Harbor. After leaving her home, Aki leaves a doll behind that will form a new friendship with the little girl named Sylvia whose family is renting Aki's once beloved farm.

"That which isn't in books, life will teach you."-Mexican Proverb

Hoover school 1944

How does someone behind barbbed wire celebrate Freedom?

Historical Content

"If you stand up like a nail, you will get hammered down."-Japanese Proverb


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