[2015] Debbie Huppman: Sylvester Roper

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[2015] Debbie Huppman: Sylvester Roper

Sylvester Roper was one of five kids and at a young age left his family and worked as a machinist, first in Nashua, then in Manchester, New York, and Worcester. He then married and moved to Boston.

Great DiscoveriesBy age 12, he made a small stationary engine and two years following he made a locomotive engine.

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Roper's first Steam Carriage was built in 1863. He made the Steam Velocipede a few years later, it was bicycle fitted with a double acting two-cylinder steam engine fired by a charcoal burner.

Sylvester Roper

His inventions

He was born on November 24, 1823, in Francestown, New Hampshire.He died of heart failure at age 73 durring the process of trying to beat his record of about 40mph on the bike.


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