Sylvester and The Magic Pebble

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Sylvester and The Magic Pebble

Author: William Steig

Fantasy Literature Activity by Kyle Priestly

Title: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Problem, conflict:


What do you think about the book?

Sylvester panicks when he sees a mean, hungry donkey and gets frightened.The problem or conflict in the story comes when Sylvester cannot turn himself back into a donkey when he wishes himself to be a rock in order to escape the lion.His parents, worried because he is missing, search everywhere in the village, asking neighbors and the police for help but to no avail.

Many days and weeks passed with no sign of Sylvester. Many seasons came and went. After much searching for and asking friends, neighbors and the police about Sylvester, Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, his parents, gave up hope of finding him, believing he had met a terrible fate. One day in order to cheer themselves up, despite being heart-broken over losing their son, The Duncans decided to go on a picnic in the very spot Sylvester turned into a stone. Not knowing she was sitting on the rock that was her son, Mrs. Duncan wished that Sylvester was with them while at the same time he wished he was himself again. "And in less than an instant, he was!!!

Although there is a lot of text in this book, it is a good story about the impact of making poor decisions -even out of fear- and the power of family love and concern that can overcome the most impossible of situations. I think children will enjoy imagining what they would wish for if they found a magic pebble, The extension activity posted on this "glog" is a handout that can be used with young students where they can write about what they would wish for!

SettingsSylvester and his parents lived in small village called Oatdale.

CharactersSylvester DuncanHis parents: Mr. & Mrs. DuncanAngry LionNeighborhood FriendsThe Police

Main EventsSylvester finds a magic pebble and accidentally turns himself into a rock to esacpe a lion. His parents search for him and turn him back into a donkey.

Watch a video clip of "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble"

Extension Activities1.) "If I found a Magic Pebble" worksheet2.) Story Map3.) Field Trip to a Play on Sylvester and the Magic Pebble


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