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Sydney W & Emily N. Caitlyn E.

How to Research a Company.

By:Sydney Waller, & Emily Nichols.

Questions that may be asked:- What's the best way canidates can use the research you've done during the interview? - Should you Google the person you're having an interview with to learn about their background?

Answers:- If you're wanting to point out the research that you've done, say something like, "I saw this, & I love it!" But you NEVER say something like "I would do this differently."- You don't need to. You are going to be tempted to use any information that you find there

Research can help you...- Identify companies that may be hiring in your field. - Learn about potential growth of businesses & industries. - Prepare you for a job interview.- Understand how you can apply your skills in a new field

FACTS:When you bring your paper work to the interview make sure your it's not crubled up...



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