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Sydney Inderlied

Sydney Inderlied

Family Vacation

Gymnastics is my favorite past time

BiographyI was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but moved to Pennsylvania was I was about 7 because both of my parents are from PA. We lived in Fairview,Pa till my parents got divorced. After the divorce I moved with my mom and sister Abby to a town call Hopewell. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. While living in Hopewell my sister and I attended Hopewell School district, where my mother became the assistant principal at the Jr.High School and later became the principal of the three elementary schools in the district. This is also were I graduated high school.

Important EventAn important event in my life was when my two younger sisters were born. Abby,16, is 2 1/2 year younger and Emerson, 4, is 14 years younger than myself.

InterestingsFactsI am the third generation to attend Edinboro with an education major. My grandfather attended with anArt education major and my Mother attended with a major in Speech and Hearing disorders.

Zoo Day

High School Graduation


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