Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

one of Australia's most well-known and photographed landmarks

carries rail, vehicular, bicycle & pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore

Sydney Harbour BridgeSydney, AustraliaOpened March 1932

*Architects: John Bradfield, Thomas S. Tait, Ralph Freeman*Length of Bridge: 1149 meters*Arch Span: 503 meters*Width of Deck: 49 meters*Total Weight of Steelwork: 52,800 tons*It took 1300 men 8 years to construct*16 workers lost their lives during construction*Approximately 6,000,000 rivets were used*One coat of paint requires approximately 30,000 liters of paint (used 3 coats!!)*Cost to Build: $13..5 million

Nicknamed the Coathangerthe Sydey Harbour Bridge is theworld’s largest (but not the longest) steel arch bridge

DID YOU KNOW?!The top of the arch actually rises and falls up to18 centimeters due to temperature changes.

Bridge Climbing is a must-do if ever in Sydney!


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