Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's most well known and photographed landmarks.The creators of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are, John Bradfield,Thomas S. Tait,Ralph Freeman. The creators of the Sydney Harbor Bridge began building the bridge on March 19, 1932.

Fun Facts1. The bridge has gigantic hinges to absorb the expansion caused by the hot Sydney sun.2. A round 14,000 workers were employed to build the bridge between 1924 and 1932. 3. They had to paint the bridge GREY because there was no other color of paint available in such quantities. it took 272 thousand litres of paint to get the first coat on.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Its total length including approach spans is 1149 metres and its arch span is 503 metres. The top of the arch is 134 metres above sea level and the clearance for shipping under the deck is a spacious 49 metres. The total steelwork weighs 52,800 tonnes, including 39,000 tonnes in the arch. The 49 metre wide deck makes Sydney Harbour Bridge the widest Longspan Bridge in the world

Questions1. Why did they call it "The Sidney Harbor bridge"?2. How much Vehicles could the bridge hold?3. when did they come up with the idea of creating the bridge?

The Sydney Harbor bridge is used for vehicles to get across the water.The Sydney Harbor bridge is stable, it was made out of many strong material so the bridge would be strong and stable. The Sydney Harbor bridge does not fall down, or does not fall apart because the bridge is made of steel. The bridge contains about 6 million hand driven rivets there for the bridge is really strong The Sydney Harbor bridge is held by 6 million rivets, 2,800 tonnes of steelwork and 122,000 cubic metres of rock.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world's largest (but not longest bridge as the New River Gorge in the USA) steel arch bridge, then with its harbor location, it has become a renowned international symbol of Australia.


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