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Social Studies

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These are people celebrating their culture by playing the tradional Alphorn.

These are the major religions of Switzerland.

Switzerland's people and health:Switzerlands population is 8,000,000. Most of them that live there are Germanic, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romansch. Just like their ethnicity, they speak German, French, Italian, and Romansch. The major religions of Switzerland are Roman catholic, Protestant, no religion, and Islam. 99/99 people in Switzerland can read. They are rank 19 in all the countrires with top internet hosts with 5, 249,000. Also, 9,527,000 have cell phones. The health in Switzerland is really good. The life expectancy is 78.34 years for a male and 84.16 years for a female. the Human Development (HDI)rating is 0.903. Even the birth ( 10.4 births out of a 1,000 population) and the death (8.1 deaths out of a 1,000 population) arent that bad!

Switzerland's Government and Economy:Switzerland has a Parlimentary Democracy. The leader is a rotating president from a 7-member federal council. The current President is Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. In 2013 the president will be Ueli Maurer. Next, the legislative branch is bicameral. There are 4 major political parties but total there are 22. Lastly, the judicial branch is a federal supreme court. The judges are elected for 6 years by the Federal Assembly. Switzerland has a mixed market economy with a $635.65 billion dollars in GDP ( per capita is $43,000). Their monetary unit is a franc. Its exchange rate is $1.10. Unemployment is at a low 3.10%, but the debt is almost 183 billion. For their budget, revenues are at 58.1 billion and expenditures are at 60.5 billion. Some industries include machinery, chemicals, watches, textiles, tourism, and banking. Also, some agricultural products include cheese, grains, fruit, veggies, meat, and eggs.

Welcome to Switzerland!

Switzerland's #1 problem: Gun Control. Almost every man in Switzerland is allowed to own a gun. I , personally , think this is weird because Switzerland is the peaceful country. Their is virtually no gun crime at all, but other countries like America that have gun control point to Switzerland because of this reason. Therefore, this is a problem.

This person is skiing in the Alps in Switzerland.

This is a map of Switzerland. Complete with the Alps, rivers, lakes, and cities.

This is the Switzerland flag.

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