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Swiss Style

Swiss Style

The dish on the left is a sasuage salad made with freah carrots, and cucumbers with sausage

This dish is made with allnatural swiss chess no prcervitizes, there is an option of dipping it with meat or bread.

This is a salad that you can order for a side or a meal. it is made wit fresh vegiess and fruit.

Switerland people always keep there hands on the table, ofcourse with elbows off and when they are done eating they put there fork along with there knive parallel to one another pointing forwards. It is considered rude to leave food on there plates and if there are at a reseraunt you should not put your hand up to wave for a waiter. There food is influenced from France, Italien, and Germany because they are next to those countries. Another intresting fact is that some Switzerland people eaat cats and dogs but there are trying to put a ban on it.






Ice teaCoffeHot choclateMilkOrange jucieApple jucieWater

Freah baked Burli made from organic yeast,flour and water. It provides a great source of grain's.

This dish to the right is a birchermüesli witch is made of apples, water, milk or cream, honey or sugar, lemons and oats.

To the right you will see a potatoe pancake with sourcresm on top and there is cheese under the sour cream.

On the right is a cereal called Swiss Mesuli made with berries nuts and oats this cereal comes in no sugar added, original, and gronola.


This is Smoked Ham Salad on Gruyere Potato Coins. This is a nutrition and delicious treat to have with a meal of any kind.

Zürcher Eintopf is a dish made of spices, onions, galic, savoy, potatoes, carrots and some water.

The treat to the right is Schokolade Kuchen witch means choclate cake made with almaonds, choclate powder, supar, eggs, and vinilla sugar.

Teigwaren is colored pasta made with no meat and a great meal for vegetarians the ingrediants to it is butter vegetables.potatoes and pasta.


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