[2015] Catherine Hall: Swiss Food Pyramid

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[2015] Catherine Hall: Swiss Food Pyramid

Swiss Food PyramidCatherine HallTECA 1318 SPRING 2015

Creator's Beliefs and Benefits to Healthy Eating:A well-balanced diet is vital in promoting a healthy lifestyle. It influences our mental and physical wellbeing and helps in the prevention of illnesses.

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Major Food GroupsBeverages: Drink 1-2 liters per day, in the form of sugar free drinks such as water and tea. Okay to include caffinated drinks in moderation



Veggies and Fruit:5 portions a day in a variety of colors. Tomatoes, pear, apple, salads, carrots, ect.

Grains: 3 portions of wholegrains a day, such as breads, pastas, rice, and starches

Protein:3 portions of dairy products a day, such as milk and yogurt along with one portion of meats.

Oils, Fats, and Nuts:Small portions daily, olive oil, peanuts, occasionally butter/margerine

Sweets, Salty Snacks,and Alcohol:Small quantities, wine, cake, crackersPhysical Activity:At least 30mins daily with sufficient relaxation

Healthy Swiss Breakfast Oatmeal

Recipe Ideas:Minced Macaroni & ApplesauceSalmon on veggiesLamb stew with white beans polentabraised chicken with ratatouille and couscous

What Your Plate Should Look Like

Easy Healthy Choices for Kids to Understand

Click here to compare Swiss Dietary Guidelines to the American Heart Association Guidelines

-Similar to US Guidelines-Visual Depictions are clear and easy to follow-Recommendations for every age-Promotes proper hydration, physical activity, and relaxation-Eating is an experience, promotes experimenting with flavors and enjoying time away from screens with loved ones

-Preparation time may be lengthy-May take awhile to get flavors to go together-Getting kids away from screens and trying new foods may be difficult


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