[2015] Molly McKenna (6th Grade MP3): Swing, Bebop,Cool Jazz

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[2015] Molly McKenna (6th Grade MP3): Swing, Bebop,Cool Jazz


Benny Goodman

1. Swing Music was fast-paced music for people to dance to.2. Large bands, usually between 12 - 16 players.3. Popular between 1935 - the mid 1940s, years sometimes known as the "Swing Era".4. It was the first jazz idiom to be commercially succesful.5. Swing music brought respect to jazz, moving into ballrooms.


Dizzy Gillespie

1. The first kind of modern jazz.2. It was music for listening to instead of dancing to.3. Smaller band4. Not commercially successful, because it was made for musicians to play, and not directed towards audiences to buy.5. Still preformed today

Cool Jazz

Miles Davis

1. Cool jazz was the reaction against bebop.2. The levels were softer than bebop, the tempos were slower and the melodies were more lyric.3. A bigger band.4. Cool jazz was relatively short-lived.


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