[2013] Alyssa Grandsard (Tanguay): Swing

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[2013] Alyssa Grandsard (Tanguay): Swing


*Created in the 1920's*1930-1940's- most popular music style*Form of Jazz*Uses 4 beats per measure*Commonly used instruments- drums, guitar, piano, saxiphone, clarinet, trombone, and trumpet

*Sweet tones-slower paced*Hot tones-fast paced*Known as the Big Band Era or the Swing Era*Swing dances- Jitterbug and Lindy Hop

*Famous swing musicians- Louis Armstrong, Count Basie (William James), & Benny Goodman*Mixture of African and Western European rhythms*Believed the roots came from slaves

*Instruments play at different times*Sometimes the instruments have battles*Swing music helped people bring classical music into popular music

The History of Swing

*Took place during Depression*Men and women sing in a few parts of the music*People attended concerts or listened to the radio*Some of the bands traveled around the country*Many people stopped playing due to the war in 1942

By Alyssa Grandsard


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