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Sometimes, It is best to know how to swim so you can keep up with living things that move quickly such as in this peticular picture below.

Did You Know?Did you know that 93% of the people that were attacked by sharks were Males?

What is Swimming As A Sport?


This is the look of a regular swimming pool from under water. These swimming pool are mostly used for practices and/or races in rare times.



It is always helpful if you know how to swim so you can be the first one to get away from danger such as in this picture below.

There is also another type of swimming in which you go into the deep seas and scuba dive to find and discover the secrets of the oceans life and nature. Scuba diving requires equipment not like swimming as a sport. Scuba diving works first by puting on a water suit because the water is able to hurt your skin. The next thing is to attach on two tanks on your back with a certain amount of air pumped into each tank. The last thing is to put on a mask and to connect a few lines from your mask and to the tanks like long straws. Now that you can breathe, you might like to wear some fins/flippers on your feet or a vest with your items attached to it because its always helpful. Since you now know how to scuba dive, I insist you go to a special scuba diving place to scuba dive with your friends in the ocean.

Swimming is a specific sport that requires movement from your limbs, your body, or both. There are four main strokes in swimming. The first is Freestyle. The second stroke should be the first one you will learn and its called Breaststroke. The third is Backstroke, and the fourth is Butterfly which should be th last one you will learn. Normally, people that don't swim will think that there is only four strokes in the races and they're right, but there is still one more called the IM order swim. It is where you swim all the strokes in this order: 1.Butterfly 2.Backstroke 3.Breastroke 4.Freestyle. Most people call it something else but I call it the IM order swim. I hope you will go swimming soon and discover new strokes like the IM order swim and how each transition works and the stroke ued only for practices called Sculling! Have fun!!!

Scuba Diving

Did You Know?Did you know that you have a 1 in 63 chances of dying from a flu and a 1 in 3,700,000 chance of being killed by a shark attack during your lifetime?

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