[2015] TELEMAQUE CAMILLA (625-ELA): Swimming

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[2015] TELEMAQUE CAMILLA (625-ELA): Swimming

Mark spitz is the greatest swimmer in the history of swimming. With his 11 Olympic metals, he became the fourth highest in men swimming. at the age of nine, this legendary swimmer started to practice swiming at Arden hills swin club in California.

Swimming is important to me because it teaches me a lot about life and about me. Swimming showed me what I can and can't do under water. Swiming is exciting and fun. learning new things you can do underwater is exciting.


love of Swiming

Mark spitz

description of the sport

life of a swimmer

When I was little I started swiming at 5 years old. swiming was the first sport I ever played. I grew up swiming an distill love swiming. when I am underwater I always do tricks like flips. when I was yonger I used to love mermaids so every time I get to swim I would ack like a mermaid under water. I used to be competitive. I used to race across the pool I would alway win. if I did not win i would say let's do it again because I always wanted to win.

Swimming is a team sport or activity which an individual moves through water by kicking and using the arms Swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports. this sport can be enjoyed by all ages.


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