[2015] KHOURI AMANDA (624-ELA): Swimming

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[2015] KHOURI AMANDA (624-ELA): Swimming


Swimming has been around as long as walking. Our ancestors used swimming to catch fish and escape from wild animals. This was before they had boats, so they had to go into the water to catch fish. There are still some cultures that fish this way. In some countries, they fish with spears while floating. There are cave paintings that are thousands of years old that show swimming. Swo,,img has been part of the Olympis from the beginning. Early life preservers were made of cork. Modern ones are made of plastic and are bright colors. People have known about the health benefits of swimming for thousands of years. Swimming has a very interesting history.

Hello! Today i am going to talk about swimming. Swimming is an activity that has been going on for ages. Modern swimming is a major competitive event. It is one of the most popular events in the Olympics. People all over the world enjoy swimming for competition as well as its health benefits. I enjoy swimming in the pool and the ocean. My father taught me to swim when I was little.


Swimming has many different strokes. Freestyle is the most popular. It is when a swimmer kicks their legs while using their arms to go forward. The breast stroke is done my moving your arms underwater with no splashing. The swimmer moves up and down as they go forward. Butterfly stroke is very exciting. You swing your arms in big circles and splash in and out of the water. Your arms look like butterfly wings. Backstroke is when you paddle backwards on your back. This is one of the hardest strokes. You can't really see where you are going, but it is fun! Doggy paddle is what children who are learning to swim use. They kick their feet and paddle their arms underneath their bodies to stay above the water. My personal favorite stroke is freestyle. It is easy and it was the first one I learned when I was taught to swim. I can go very fast when doing freestyle. I would like to learn how to do the butterfly stroke. Maybe when the weather is warmer!



Fun Facts

People have set world records by swimming long distances, such as the Atlantic Ocean. The average person can swim about 3 miles per hour, but people have been recorded doing over 5. If you swim with dolphins or whales, you can grab on and go for a ride. It is very cool and looks beautiful, especially when the trained professional ride them.

Swimming !!


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