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Swim the fly

Author: Don Calame

Swim The Fly

Literary FeaturesAntagonist: The antagonist in the book Swim The Fly is Tony Grillo. He is the antagonist because he is always against Matt The Protagonist. Throughout the book Matt and Tony have gone through many conflicts about girls, swimming, etc. Tony helps show the theme determination throughout the book because he is really big competition because he is really muscular and matt is very weak. This makes Matt very determined to start working out and getting ready for the big race against Tony.

Literary FeaturesDynamic Character: A dynamic character in the novel is Matt (The protagonist) He is a dynamic character because he undergoes a change in the way he acts. In the first part of the novel Matt was pretty lazy but he then thought to himself that if he got better at swimming that he could impress more girls. After he thought of this he became very determined to train and become a better swimmer. This is why Matt is a dynamic character.

Literary FeaturesProtagonist: The protagonist in the book Swim The Fly is Matt. He is the protagonist because he is the main character. Matt shows determination by starting to work out so he can impress girls and at the same time finish a swimming race that he is likely to lose. Matt is the protagonist in the book Swim The Fly.

SummaryMatt, Coop, and Sean are on a mission. There mission is to see a real life naked girl by the end of the summer. They encounter many obstacles on this journey, such as being in a closet while two couples are making love, and getting caught!. They Also try to impress hot girls with their swimming by entering to swim the fly even though they can't swim the fly, and entering a nude beach. When they go to the nude beach they accomplish their goal without getting caught, but the person they see naked change the way they look at one of their teachers forever. After a million attempts at accomplishing their goal they finally do it. Now their next goal is getting a girlfriend which is hard because they are the three least athletic kids on the earth. Over time they finally get girlfriends, but they have to swim the fly in front of them. Luckily, they somehow win the race and everyone lived happily after.

QuoteOn page (340) Matt says “The chlorine burns my throat. I start coughing. Im tempted to break stride… But something keeps me going”This shows determination in the novel because He is swimming and is very determined to finish the race despite him coughing chlorine. That thing that kept him going was determination.

QuoteOn page (119) Matt says “I don't know why, but I get it into my head that if I can just finish these last few presses, then I will some how be able to finish the butterfly” This shows determination in the novel because he is working out and he is unable to finish, then he thinks about why he is working out that gave him determination to finish the workout.

QuoteOn Page (337) Matt the protagonist says “I must of swum this race in my mind a thousand times, and every race ended the same way” This helps show determination in the novel because Matt is determined to finish the swimming race. It shows how much thought and time Matt puts into the race.

ThemeThroughout the book Swim The Fly, Matt (the protagonist) has shown through his actions that he is very determined to see a real life naked girl.

Song This theme of this song connects to my novel. I know this because the theme is determination, In the novel I read, Swim The Fly The main character Matt was determined to do many thing. He was determined to train so he can swim the 100 yard fly, He was determined to impress a girl, and lastly he was determined to see a real life naked girl by the end of the summer. This is why the theme determination from the song Lose yourself relates to the novel I read Swim The Fly.


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