SWEET AS: Sugar uses in the Home

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SWEET AS: Sugar uses in the Home


Common uses in the home

Types of sugar

Baking deserts

BROWN SUGARSBrown sugar : retains some of the molasses syrup which imparts a pleasant flavour. Dark brown sugar is good for gingerbread, minced meat,baked beans and all full flavoured foods and light brown sugar is typically used in condiments and butterscoth and glazes.Demerara : a light brown sugar with large golden crystals which are slightly sticky, often used in tea and cofee or on hot cerealsTurbinado sugar : raw sugar that has been partially processedMuscovado : a British specialty brown sugar that has a particularily strong molasses flavourFree-flowing : these sugars are specialty products produced by a cocrystallization process. The process yield powder like brown sugar that has less moisture than regular brown sugar

GRANULATED SUGARSRegular Sugar: sugar as it is know to consumersFruit Sugar : slightly finer than regular sugar used in dried & drink mixes such as gelatin desertsBakers Special : crystal size is finer than fruit sugar, developed specifically for the sugar industrySuperfine/Bar : the finest of all granulated sugars, ideal in textured cakes & meringues & sweetening fruit & iced drinksConfectioners : granulated sugar ground to a smooth powder and sifted. Available in 3 gradesCoarse sugar: the crystal size is larger than regular sugar. Course sugar is recovered whensugar syrups high in sucrose are allowedto crystallizeSanding sugar : another large sugar crystal used to sprinkle on top of baked goods. The large crystals reflect light and give the product a sparkling appearance

LIQUID SUGARSLiquid : There are several types of liquid sugars. Liquid sugar (sucrose) is essentially liquid white sugar and can be used wherever dissolved sugar might be nedded. Amber liquid sucrose( sugar) is darker in colour and can be used where colour is not a problem in the productInvert : Inversion of sucrose results in invert sugar which is an equal mixture of glucose and fructose. Available commercially only in liquid form and is sweeter than white sugar. It is used mainly in food products to retard crystallization of sugar and retain moisture

Cold drinks

Cereals & grains

Tea & coffee

Pastries & fillings

Bread making

Sauces & marinades

Sugar uses in the Home

Functions of sugar in home cooking

GLUTEN DEVELOPMENTDuring the mixing process, sugar acts as a tenderizing agent by absorbing water and slowing gluten development. During mixing of batters and doughs sugar competes with these gluten-forming proteins for water in the batter and prevents full hydration of these proteins during mixing

LEAVENINGSugar increases the effectiveness of yeast by providing an immediate, more utilizable source of nourishment and growth. Sugar is broken down by the yeast cells and carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate therfore the leaving process is hastened and the dough rises at a faster and more consistent rate

CREAMINGSugar crystals become interspersed among the shortening molecules when shortening and sugar are creamed together. In cakes and cookies, sugar helps promote lightness by incorporating air into the shortening. Air is trapped on the face of the sugars irregular crystals.

Unusual sugar foods

EGG FOAMSSugar serves as a whipping aid to stabilize beaten egg foams. In foam type cakes, sugar makes the egg foam more elastic so that air cells can expand and take up gases from the leaving agent

Sugar glass

Cultured sweets

Toffee apples

Insect candy sustainable sweets

Asian sugary street drinks

Novelty cakes


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