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Social Studies

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Gvt. Issue:Swedish riots point to deep social problems-"Even a supposedly model country, like Sweden, with a well-functioning welfare state and relatively affluent population, is not immune to the economic and finance crisis in Europe."- Large percentage of rioters included immigrants.- "The Swedes moved away and the immigrants stayed. When the unemployment rate rises in areas where people have less access to education and work, then the unrest is greater,"

Fun Fact: As of 2006, Sweden was the most generous country in the world regarding aid to poor countries. It is the only nation where donations exceed 1% of the GDP.

History:Sweden joined the European Union (EU) in 1995Suicide bombing: Sweden experienced its first suicide bombing, carried out by an Islamic extremist in Stockholm, in late 2010. Resulted in 2 people getting injured and the death of the bomber.Stockholm riots: A suburb of Stockholm saw nearly a week of riots in May 2013 following a police shooting of an elderly man wielding a knife. Rioters set fire to cars and schools and threw rocks at emergency response vehicles. Locals accused the police of racism.

Climate:Sweden has 4 distinct seasons. In July, Stokholm temps. average 64°F and 27°F in January. Sweden recieves between 20-31 in of percipitation each year. Snow is on the ground for approx. 1/3 of the year.

Välkommen till Sverige(Welcome to Sweden)

Fun Fact: Sweden has the smallest gender employment-rate gap in the developed world, with only 4% more men in employment than women. With 47% of female parliamentarians (in 2006), Sweden has the highest proportion of women lawmakers in the world.In 1862, Sweden became the first country to grant suffrage for (married) women, although only for local elections.

Government:Type: Constitutional Monarchy (a monarch is guided by a constitution whereby his/her rights, duties, and responsibilities are spelled out in written law or by custom)Sweden is a free country and has a very stable government- Very low risk for economic, political, and financial system failure

Economy:Literacy rate= 99%Most people are involved in the tertiary economic sector (goods and services)- 66.8%Most Swedes are economists or statisticians (22.5% of population)GDP per Capita= $40,900 26th highest GDP per capita in the world

Fun Fact: The Goths, the Suevirs, and the Norses (Vikings) all trace their origin back to Sweden (as well as Norway and Denmark for the latter).

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the nyckelharpa

Swedish National Costumes (NOT what Swedes wear everyday)


  • arushivickifrance 7 years ago

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    Glog is colorful and factual and interesting, but some of the pictures are covered. Otherwise, very well done.

  • gavintylerfinland 7 years ago

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    We found it interesting that the Vikings trace their origin back to Sweden. Also that it is the most generous country regarding aid.