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Social Studies

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Economy:Capitalist economy with socialist welfare programs. 54% of a Sweden's income is taken in form of taxation to provide for these welfare programs. Sweden is the 3rd largest economy in the E.U. The GDP (PC) is $40,900.

Some Facts......- Moose crossing signs are being stolen a lot!- Temperate Climate- 2nd tallest country in the world-Government runs all state stores-You can get sick leave on vacation- Skinny Jeans are VERY in- 99% Lit. Rate


The capital city, Stockholm

Weather in the winter......

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Sweden's government is a constitutional monarchy with unicameral parliment. It is considered a stable government.

Since the 17th century, when Sweden was a superpower, they haven't participated in any wars. The country's history has not been very rich and full due to their lack of involvement, although they did switch road driving sides in 1967.

In the summer, it is light almost 24-7. In the winter, light barely shines.

This is a fjord!

This is the map!

Sweden has a nice,temperate climate, inthe south. It is cold in the north.

The Swedish Flag


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    Great glog, Tyler and Ben!
    I thought it was very interesting that Sweden is the 2nd tallest country in the world. It must have big mountains! My country, the UK, also is in a temperate climate, but it receives a good amount sunlight all year long, unlike Sweden. It would be cool to find out more about Sweden's recent history, because Sweden used to be a superpower so I am wondering what happened that made it a less powerful country.