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The picture on the left and right are of Sweden's many lakes.


Countries Capital: Stockholm

Developmental Region: Western Europe

Overall Population: 9,723,809 million- % age 0-14 M= 8.7% F= 8.2%- % age 15-64 M=32% F=31%- % age 65+ M= 9% F= 10%

Sweden is a Constitutional Monarchy

Sweden's arithmetic density is 22 and physiological density is 369

% of Population that lives in Urban areas- 7.9 million%% of Population that lives in Rural areas- 1,389,577%

The one in the middle is of Sweden using there lakes to make hydroelectric energy

Swedens HDI and rank is 0.899 and rank is 12.

Swedens GDI is 1.004 and rank is 6.

Primary Sector: 1.1%Secondary Sector: 28.2%Tertiary Sector: 70.7%

Swedens top 3 exports are: - Norway (10.4%)- Germany (10.3%)- UK (8.1%)

Swedens top 3 imports are: - Germany (17.4%)- Denmark (8.5%)- Norway (8.4%)

Swedens GDP per Capita is 40,900

Swedens family income distribution is a 30.

Life Expectancy: 81.70 yearsIMR: 2.6NIR: 0.2%

Religion:87% Lutheran13% other

Language:Major language is Swedish but some speak English and Germanic

Main Ethnic Group in Sweden are:- Swedes- Sweden Finns

Literacy Rate:- Overall: 99%- Male: 99%- Female: 99%

Sweden is a stage 4 on the DTM becuase they have a very low IMR adn low birthrate.

The healthcare in Sweden is very good in Sweden. The average life span is 83.9 for Females and 80.1 for males. The central gov. runs its healthcare system.

Sweden can feed its people becuase they have a suplus amount of food and they are an MDC.

They are a stage 5 on Rostows Development becasue they have already gone through all the stages.


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