Sweden Government and Basic Facts

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Sweden Government and Basic Facts

Basic FactsCapital- StockholmLand Area- 158,662 sq miPopulation- 8.9 millionEthinc Groups- Swedish, Finnish, SamiReligions- Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, BuddhistLeading Exports- Machinery, motor vehicles, paper products, pulp and wood, iron and steel products, chemicals

SwedenGovernment, Languages, and Basic Facts

This is a map of Sweden and its provinces.

LanguagesSwedish (official), Finnish, SamiThere are many dialects Swedish, some are diverse enough to be considered their own languages.Some dialects are Westrobothnian, Dalecarlian, Modern Gutnish among others

Government and Economy

Sweden has a cradle-to-grave system. They provide basic services for all stages of life.

GDP and PCI (2013)GDP- 579.7 billion USD PCI-60,430.22 USD

Sweden has a constitutional monarchy.

Currency Swedish krona

Sweden has a welfare system where you have many benefits for low or no cost.

By the late 1800s, Sweden's industry was lagging far behind that of the United States and the majority of Europe.

In 1932, the Social Democrats came to power, making Sweden into a welfare state and improving their industry.

Tax Rate is 25%

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