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When does it become an issue for Canadian orChildren/ Teens/ Adults?Shocking as it is there are a select number of sweatshops in Canada, which is horrible when we're a first world country with many natural resources, and industry. It becomes a problem for children when their parents need them to help support their family, and because they need to work and can't get an education and become a contributing member of society. Then they will need there children to work and it becomes a cycle. It becomes a problem for teens when they can't get an education which means they don't live up to their full potential or contribute to an economy that's already in poor shape.

What are Sweatshops?Sweatshops are production factories that employ people to work for very little pay in unsuitable working conditions, and have long overtime for which they are not payed. They often employ children and woman sometimes against their will, to do a job where their basic human rights are are violated. They are usually used by brand name companys like Nike, and Aeropostale. Countreis with sweatshops include Mexico, China, Vietnam, and Bangledesh.

What can be done tohelp the cause?(Possible Solutions)We can do our part to solve this social issue by not buyig their products, or writing letters of complaint but in reality they make very little difference. Ultimate solutions to slave laybour will require someone with actual influence or authority. One possible solution to this would be for governments to start enforcing their laybour laws and shut down any factries that are in violation of these laws, but this is unlikely because factories like this generate high revenue for a countries economy. Another would be for retail stores to stop selling products that are made through less than legitamite production methods but this is also unlikely for the same reason, money.

Where is itmost prevalent?Most sweatshops are in underdeveloped and poor countries such as Vietnam or Bangledesh, but are also found in developed countries such as America, or China. Woman make up 85-90% of the laybour force exploited by sweatshops and because they are often forced to take birth control pills they don't have children to help out or to stay home to raise. Despite this over 100 million children are forced to work in areas such as industry and agriculture. Many sweatshops are found in underdeveloped dence cities because then workers don't need transportation.

Why are Sweatshopsso important?It's a social issue that affects the lives of millions. Children who can't go to school because they have to work long hours for no pay because they're parents need the money. Woman who have to experience hours of hard, unsafe work, not because they choose to, because they have to. We sometimes complain about working weekends, or not getting that 20 cent raise. While people like you and me work close 120 aditional hours a month for only around $12 a day. They work a day to make what we make in an hour.

Who is affected by Sweatshops?Sweatshops are normally located in countries wih 3rd world conditions that have flexible laybour laws. Sweatshops mostly prey on poor families thinking that by doing this job they would be making basic living wages, when in reality they make next to nothing. They prefer the women of the family because while they can do the same basic tasks as men but are less likely to rebel. They also affect the lives of millions of children because they are forced to work at a young age and cannot get the proper education needed to be a contributing member of society.

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What can I do as an active citizen?One way that I can help against this world wide issue is by not buying products that come from companies that exploit there employees to the point where they can't meet basic living neccesities, such as Nike, or Adidas. There are many lists available online of companies which use legitimate production methods. If I really wanted to make a difference I could join one of the many organized boycotts that face this issue. Other less extreme ways I could do my part to solve this issue is sending letters of complaint to either sweatshop companies or governments that allow sweatshops in their country. Evan more influential than that would be to make a petition that shows many people are against this producion method.


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