Swamps of stuttgart

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Swamps of stuttgart

AnimalsAnimal watchers and hunters will love the variety of animal life in the area. Swamps in the southern central part of America are home to large amounts of migrating waterfowl such as mallard ducks and Specklebelly geese. These swamps are also home to songbirds, deer, bear, alligator, beaver, and many other species of animals.

What To Do - Worlds BEST duck hunting - Swamp Scenery - Boat Tours - Annual duck calling championship and Wings Over the Prairie festival

Swamps of Stuttgart ArkansasThe Duck Capitol of the World

This is what the local food looks like.

Rice fields of Stuttgart

Supplys NeededDuring the winter hunting season, warm insulated clothing is nessesary, and waterproof waders are recommended. Shotguns and ammo will not be provided, bring your own. Retreivers are avalible if hunter whishes. Cold weather casual wear will also be needed for non-hunting activities.

PlantsThere is an abundance of plant life in Stuttgart as well. Besides being known as the duck capitol of the world, Stuttgart is also known as the rice capitol of the word. large numbers of rice fields is one of the main food sources for the ducks and its te reason they migrate to this small town. Deep in the swamp, cypress trees grow up to 150 ft tall, and an assortment of flowers and berries grow above the water.

The Main Attraction

Southern Cookin


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