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Welcome to Suzannian

by Miss Cucchetti

By Insel_Utopia.png: Unknownderivative work: Przykuta (Insel_Utopia.png) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Location, Climate and Geography

Location: Suzannian lies in the Sea of Serenity equidistant from both Utopia and Nirvana. The only other neighboring country is the small forrested island of Halcyon. The capital of Suzannian is Harmony which is located at the geographic center of the island. The only other major city in Suzannian is the sleepy little town of Nap, which is located on the beach and has the highest hammock to inhabitant ratio known to man (Guiness Book of Fantastic Records, 27).Geography: The tropical island of Suzannian is made up mostly of rolling grasslands with the occasional rocky outcrop. The beaches of Suzannian are famous for their 'silken sands' - inhabitants of Suzannian don't have to wear shoes because the sand is like silk on their feet (Fantasiland, pg 40).Climate: The climate is considered mildly tropical. Rainfall is minimal, clouds serve as shade and rarely contain precipitation. Winds are rare - so the water is usually quite tranquil, however each morning a slight breeze blows throughout the island to awaken the inabitants.

Map of Suzannian

Fruit from the local market.

United Colours of Besarabskiy Market by maistora

Silk beach of Suzannian

Moonshine, Orion Rising on Vilano Beach by JamesWatkins

Dogs of Suzannian

People and Economy

People: The people of Suzannian are considered some of the calmest, stress-free people around. This is mostly due to the government. The first inhabitants of Suzannian established the government of democratic tranquility that still exists (Fantisiland, 42). Over 99% of the citizens of Suzannian are a dog lover, which attests to the high dog human ratio of the island (Horse & Hound, 78).Economy: Because of the government and the mutual trust and respect of the people of Suzannian, the economy is based completely on a communal system of trade (Fantisiland, 46). The only income that the country has comes from its very small but exclusive tourism industry. A limited number of visitors are welcomed to the island each season. The income from these visitors is provides enough money to cover the necessities for the citizens that they cannot grow/create on the island (Fantasiland, 43). The one drawback to living in Suzannian is that you are a citizen for life - if you choose to marry a non-Suzannian, you must leave the island. The rate of emigration is less than one percent (Fantisiland, 48).

doggy paddle by Andrea Benedetti

Harmony: the capitol of Suzannian

Trakai Island Castle by Dmitry A, Mottl



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