Suva, Fiji

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Suva, Fiji

Suva, Fiji has a warm tropical climate, Suva is known as the heart of Fiji. It is the largest city in the south pacific on the peninsula, holding half of the countries population. Suva, Fiji holds many resturaunts, shops, and clubs.

Flight:Leave Thursday July 16th @ 3:30pm. Arrive Saturday July 18th @ 8:00am. Airports: Pasco, Los Angeles, Nadi, Suva. Time Traveled:21 hrs ' 30 mins. Cost: $1641 Transportation: Rental car for $37 a day totalling out to $259.Food: $600Trips Total Cost: $3403

Activities * Fiji Museum $7*Mariamma Temple: South Indian Fire-Waling Festival*Colo- I- Suva Forest Park: Guided 2 hours for $30*Royal Suva Yacht Club $5*Trusup (stand-up paddle board) $50* Thurston Gardens* Visit Navua River*Village 6 Cinema about $50


Australia/ Oceania

5 Prince Hotel $861 for 7 nights, breakfast included.



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