Suspension Bridges

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Suspension Bridges

Construction for the first suspension bridge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge began in 1829. It opened in 1864 and now it is used every day to cross the River Avon. It begins in Clifton, Bristol and ends at Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve, North Somerset in England.

By Michelle Cai

Suspension Bridges

Suspension bridges are quite similar to the cable-stayed bridge. Each have cables and towers, however the suspension bridge has two main cables and smaller ones hanging down to the roadway and must have weights to support the cables to prevent the bridge from collapsing.

Basic Structure

The basic structure for a suspension bridge consists of towers placed firmly into the ground at each end of the bridge and two main cables attached to them. Smaller cables hang down to the roadway from these main cables. These cables are usually made out of steel wires tightly wound together as it can support large amounts of weight. At the end of each main cable, there is a huge weight on it. This weight is called a cable-stay. The cable-stay is placed firmly into the ground and the cables are secured to it.

Golden Gate Bridge is a famous suspension bridge built in San Francisco. This type of bridge was chosen for this particular place as suspension bridges can span over long distances, which was needed to link the 2723.4 metres from one side of the Golden Gate Bridge to the other.



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