Suspenseful Short Stories

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Suspenseful Short Stories

Suspenseful Short Stories

Suspense: a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety about the outcome of certain actions, most often referring to an audience's perceptions in a dramatic work.

Foreshadowing: to show or indicate beforehand; prefigure.Irony: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaningRepetition: the act of repeating; repeated action, performance, production, or presentation.Setting: the surroundings or environment of anything

Literary Devices in "The Monkey's Paw":Foreshadowing: Sergeant-Major Morris states that those who interfere with fate do so to their sorrow.Setting: The beginning of the novel depicts a scene with violent, dreary weather. This creates a suspenseful, ominous mood.Repetition:.....Irony:.....

Literary Devices in "The Cask of Amontillado"Irony: Montresour fakes compassion and interest in Fortunado's health.Setting:....Repetition:....Foreshadowing:....

Literary Devices in "The Black Cat"Repetition: Reoccuring appearance of the cat. Foreshadowing:Irony:Setting:

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