Susan Brownell Anthony

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Susan Brownell Anthony

Susan B.Anthony

Women's Rights Activist"Men their rights and nothing more, women their rights and nothing less."

"Trust me that as I ignore all law to help the slave, so will I ignore it all to protest an enslaved woman."

1820 - 1906

BornSusan Brownell Anthony 1820

Began working as a teacher in New Rochelle, New York1839

Introduced to Elizabeth Cady StantonMay 1851

Attended 1st Women's Rights Convention-New Mission in LifeFall 1852

Susan began campaigning for Women's Rights1854

1st Editon of the Revolution printedJan. 1868

14th Amendment ratified-defined a citizen as being maleJuly 1868

Susan / Elizabeth found the National Woman Suffrage Association-1869

Susan is arrested for voting. She argued-14th and 15th amendment gave her the right to vote. 1872

Susan is put on trial and found guilty of illegally voting.1873

U.S. Senate failed to adopt a woman's suffrage amendment1887

Retired from NAWSA- made honorary president1900

Women won the right to vote-19th Amendment1920

Susan B. Anthony died at the age of 861906

Votes For Women

Civil War1861-1865

"Failure is impossible."


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