Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony

Suson B. Anthony was born februrary 15, 1820 Susan was born in Adams, MA. Susan lived with her mom, dad and eight siblings. Susan's mothers name was Lucy R. Anthony.Susan was the sixth chilid out of eight. Susan B. Anthony was best friends with Elizabeth Cady Staton. Susan got married. She wrote pitions about womens rights and spoke at meetings also she wrote a Declaration of rights.Also she was a good writer and typer. Susan made a telegraph and a stage to stand and tell people about rights. Susan was also on a coin. She also preperd for people to work because she new she might die soon. Susan has pneumonia she dies a day later.

Lasting Impact


1820 - Born in Adams, MA 1838- Becomes a shcool teacher 1851-Meets Elizabeth Candy Stanton1854 - Makes a petiton1868- Makes a newspaper called the Revolution1872 - Got arrested after voting1906 - Suson dies

Do you know what Susan B. Anothny did? First she helped stop slavery. Also she was making womens right. Then she wrote a pitition with 50,000 words on it. fourth Susan B. Anthony was on a coin.

Susan B. Anthony was one of the people that helped stop slavery


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Susan B. Anothny



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