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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. anthony was born on February 15,1820 in Adams, MA.She worked to end slavery in the abolitionist movement and temperance in the temperance movement. Ms.Anthony realized that nobody would take political women seriously unless they had the right to vote. Along with the help of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the two created The Revolution and The History of Womens Suffrage.She was arrested and fined $100 for illegally voting in the 18 72 presidential election (the fine was never paid). Susan B Anthony died on March 13,1906 in Rochester, NY. The 19th Amendment was passed 14 years after Anthonys death in 1920.Ms. Anthony was also honored on the one dollar coin in 1979. Susan B. Anthony accomplished so much in her life in relation to abolition, temerance, and women's rights! (3)


Contributed to the ratification of the 19th Amendment (Women's Suffrage) (2)Anthony and Stanton fought for womens rights which led to other changes in unfair laws. (3)Organizer of the Women's State Temperance Society of New York (support for the temperance movement (1)Created the American Equal Rights Assocition with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. (2)Created the Women's National Loyal League (support for the 13th Amendment and women's rights).(1)Susan became a teacher at the young age of 15! (4)

Lasting Impact

The lasting impacts of Susan B. Anthony are her contribution to Women's Suffrage, her fight for abolition, and education reform.


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Susan B. Anthony!


1820-Susan was born on February 5th in Adams, MA1849-Rochester Daughters of Temperance1853- Women's State Temperance Society1856 - American Anti-Slavery Society1859-State Teachers Convention1863 - Women's National Loyal League1866- American's Equal Rights Association1870 -Workingwomen's Central Convention1887 -National American Women Suffrage Association1904- Presided in the International Council of Women1904-Presided in the Carrie Chapman Catt's International Woman Suffrage Alliance1906-Passed away on March 3rd in Rochester, NY (1)

Susan B Anthony

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