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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was a women's rights leader, who also campaigned against slavery. Susan founded American Equal Rights Association 1866. Susan was born and raised West-Grove Massachusetts, the oldest of seven children. She learned to read and write at three years old, and went to school at six years old. Her teacher refused to teach her long division because she was a girl, her father got angry and taught at home instead. In 1837, Susan was sent to Deveryn Wilsons Female Cemenary boarding school in Philadelphia. She disliked there, but since her family could not afford, she did not have to stay there long.

Biography 2

In 1839, Susan left home to teach and to pay her father's debts. That is when Susan B. Anthony decided to fight for equal rights, because men were making four times as much as women did. 1849 was the year she quit teaching, and moved to the family farm in New York. Susan began to take part in gatherings about the temperance movement. On January 1, 1868, Susan first published a weekly journal, titled revolution. The New York City motto was printed in it "The true republic in men, their right and nothing more, women their rights and nothing less." Susan worked as the Publisher and Business manager, while Elizebeth Cady Stanton was the Editor. On Susan B. Anthony was arrested in 1872 for illegally voting for the Peresident

Lasting Impact

Susan B. Anthony died before she could see what impact she has done, now women have the right to vote, and have many more. Susan's face is now placed on the US dollar coin.


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Susan B. Anthony


Susan B Anthony Clip Art

This is a dollar coin with Susan B. Anthony on it.

By:Isabel G.

Susan Bronwell Anthony

Ms. Anthony and Ms. Cady Stanton

Susan B. Anthony bust


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