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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts. She was the second oldest out of seven childern. Her and her family were a Quaker family, they worked to end slavery which was called the abolitionist movement. She became a teacher and a teacher to her family. She helped around the house, worked the farm, and also helped pay the bills. In 1872, Susan did a test and casted a vote for the presidential election. Two weeks later, she got arrested for voting. Although, that stop her from fighting for women's rights.

Susan B. Anthony was a suffragist and speaker who was the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.


Susan B. Anthony

Early Life

Susan B. Anthony was honored in 1979 but being on a coin.She learned how to read and write at an early age.She gave her first public speech at the National Women's Right Convention in Syracuse, New York.She wasn't married.


Susan B. Anthoony became the president, leader of the NAWSA, National American Women Suffrage Association, with her good friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She travaled almost everywhere in the U.S saying speeches. She had a lot of abuses now and then where she spoke but that didnt stop her. In 1900, the age 80, Susan retired as President of the NAWSA. In 1906, Susan died in her home in Rochester. All American adult women finally got the vote with the Nineteenth Ammendment, also known as the Susan B. Anthony Ammendment, in 1920



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