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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was a very popular Woman's Rights reformer. She was one of the very first to take such a strong stand for the right's of woman. Her lifes work was dedicated to achieving the equality of men and women around the world, and she had an extremely influential footprint in the Woman's rights movement in the United States. Working alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony was able to establish multiple societies and committees centered around the achievement of equal rights for women..


February 15, 1820 - Date of Birth1852 - Founded the New York State Womans's Rights Committee.1869 - Held the first ever Woman's Rights Convention1869 - Founded the National Woman Suffrage Association with Elizaebeth Cady Stanton1905 - Lobbied President Roosevelt for a Constitutional ammendment allowing women's suffrageMarch 13, 1906 - Date of Death

- Established the American Equal Rights Association with Elizabeth Cady Stanton.(1866) - Lobbied President Roosevelt for an amendment to the Constitution that would grant women the right to vote.(1905) - Co-Founder of several Temperance and Women's Rights organizations - Esteemed author of many books promting women's rights and political issues.

Lasting Impact

Susan B. Anthony had a major impact on womans rights and equality. She began the movement for rights, and made iit her life's duty to have equal rights. Because of Susan B. Anthony and others, women now have the right to vote, amongst other rights that they did not have in the past. Even though there is still a lack of true equality between men and women, there has been a movement towards equality.


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Susan B. Anthony



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