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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820. She was a suffragist and fought through the entirity of her life to ensure gender equality. She began her organization with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and together they worked to build an organization that would promote women's rights. The organization grew very large and became associated with larger organizations such as the American Women Suffrage Association. Anthony helped plan/run conventions such as the Seneca Fall conventions and spoke at them in favor of Women's rights. Susan B. Anthony played a large part in instilling the system of gender equality that we recognize in our community today. She died on March 13, 1906.


-Established many temperance societies that educated women and inspired them to fight for women's suffrage- Spoke at many conventions about the importance of a society that has gender equality-Became affiliated with the American Women Suffrage Association and worked with the larger organization to spread her ideas- Published The Revolution newspaper

Lasting Impact

Susan B. Anthony's fight for women's rights has ensured American women the right to vote and has contributed to all of the systems that work to instill gender equality, even today


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Susan B. Anthony



Mini Biography

1820 - Susan B. Anthony is born1852 - Founded New York Women's State Temperance Society.1863 - Founded Women's Loyal National League1866 - Initiated American Equal Rights Association1868 - Began publishing a Women's rights newspaper called The Revolution1890 - Her organization became affiliated with the American Women Suffrage Association1906 - Susan B. Anthony died


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