Susan B. Anthony

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Social Studies
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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony*Born in 1820, Susan B. Anthony fought for Women's Rights. *She rarely smiled in photos because she was afraid that people would not take her seriously.*Susan B. Anthony was the second of 8 children.*She fought for equality for everyone regardless of gender or race. *She worked as a teacher in New York in the early 1840s.*Anthony was friends with fellow activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton.*In 1868, Anthony began publishing a weekly newpaper called The Revolution.*She was arrested in 1872 for voting in a election. She was fined $100 but never paid it.


Born: February 15, 1820, Adams, MassachusettsDeath: March 13, 1906, Rochester, New York

*Susan B. Anthony by Alexandra Wallner*Susan B. Anthony: Fighter for Freedom and Equalilty by Suzanne Slade and Illustrated by Craig Orback*Heart on Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President by Ann Malaspina

Lasting Impact

Susan B. Anthony's efforts towards equality led to woman's right to vote, own land, work, fair wages, and education.



GPS StandardSS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded people’s rights and freedoms in a democracy. a. Susan B. Anthony (women’s rights)

Susan B. Anthony



Susan B. Anthony's Speech 1872



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