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Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams Massachusetts on Febuary 15, 1820. She was a teacher from a young age until she and her acquintence, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, became involved in the Womens Rights movement in 1852. Soon after she would dedicate her life to womens suffrage where she will travel the country, face sever opposition and abuse, lectured throughout the nation to recieve votes for support for Womens Suffrage. Anthony never married and was very serious and passionate about her line of work up until her death in 1906.


Through out her life, Susan B. Anthony boasts a wide variety of accomplishements. Whether it be as a Suffragist,Labor Activist or Abolitionist, she had accomplishements in all of those fields.As a Suffragist, Anthony started many Womens Rights conventions and even went as far ast to be the main influence of the 19th amendent which allowed women to vote. This Amendment will also be named after her.As an Abolitionist, Anthony campaigned antislavery movements throughout New York. She even established the Womens National Loyal League to support the 13th ammendment which will ban slavery.Anthony was also involved with being a Labor Activist. As a Labor Activist, Anthony spoke at conventions and pushed for equal working rights for women and equal pay. Anthony founded the Workingwomens Central Assosiation and was elected president.

Lasting Impact(2)

Susan B. Anthony had a lasting impact because her intense passion on the matters that she supported compelled others to continue her work after her death. She was also the main influence in passing of the 19th amendement, which granted the right for women to vote.


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Susan B. Anthony

Biography (4)

Timeline (1)

1820- She was born1854- Circulates petitions for womens rights.1869- Calls for the first womens rights convention in Washington D.C.1902- She delivers keynote address to the New York Nurses Convention1863- She and Stanton write the "Appeal to the Women of the Republic"1905- Meets with President Roosevelt about submitting a suffrage amendment to congress.1906- Year of death.


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