Susan Anderson

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Susan Anderson

Susie was very smart.She passed exsams that let her pass 8th grade.She did it all in a one room schoolhouse.Susie's father forced her to wait until Jhon her younger brother was ready to start high school.She graduated high school in 1897,so did Jhon.

Susan was the oldest child in her family.When Susan was 2 years old Jhon was born.In 1875 her parents divorced.Her parents name were William,and Susan.Both of her parents were from Lousisiana.

Susan Anderson was born on January 31,1870.She was born in NevadaMills,Indiana,just north of Fort Wayne.She died April16,1960.

Susan Anderson

This is the libray that's closet to her log cabin in the mountains.

She came to Colorado to get a job and a better life.Also because she thought high whether would help her tuberculosis.

She enjoyed being outside with her father.She wanted to be a telegrapher when she grew up.

Susan Anderson at her log cabin.

Main events are Her parents divorced,Susan was five Jhon was three and their mother left on a train and never came back,in 1871 her family moved to Cripple Creek,Colorado during the gold rush.Her first case as a physician she premored surgery to a boy that accidentally exploded dynamite in a mine.

She was famous because she saved so many lives,and because she was the first female doctor in Colorado.

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Susan Anderson

Susan's sad story



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