Surviving the Holocaust

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Jewish History

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Surviving the Holocaust


What happened after the war

What happened during the Holocaust

The Holocaust was not only terifying to us, but it was horific in the standpoint of the Jews and the bistandards that were at the camps.

After the war, Most of Germany's leaders were tried for war crimes.

Most Jews had to just get up and leave their homeswithout their belongings

Survivor Story, listen very closely because it is hard to understand his accent

Jewish Victims of the HolocaustPolish-Soviet area - 4,565,000Germany - 125,000Austria - 65,000Czechoslovakia (in the pre-Munich boundaries) - 277,000Hungary, including northern Transylvania - 402,000France - 83,000Belgium - 24,000Luxembourg - 700Italy - 7,500The Netherlands - 106,000Norway - 760Romania (Regat, southern Transylvania, southern Bukovina) - 40,000Yugoslavia - 60,000Greece - 65,000Total Loss - 5,820,960

Hitler was able to get away with this during the war because most citizens were afraid that they would get thrown into the camps aswell.CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY.

At the concentration camps, men were seperated from the women and kids that could not do work. After that the women and kids were sent to the gas chambers while the men worked intinsivly on the camps doing many tedius chores.


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