Surviving Hitler

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Surviving Hitler

Surviving Hitlerby:Andrea W.

The book surviving hitler ia about a wealthy boy named Jack and his family.They live in a kind of penthouse. Hitler was planning attacks on certain countries at the time like Poland,Switzerland,Greece,Italy,and Hungray.Then they attacked Austria where Jack and his family was.Afterwards they went to several daeth camps.After being split up with his family, at his last concentration camp he met a person name Moniek who would become his best friend and they would help each other threw this rough journey. When the war ended the two boys walked into the town with the secluded streets and looked for some of their family memebers. All of Moniek family died except his brother and sister so he left Jack to live with them elsewhere. Jack whole family died except his Aunt and Uncle. They left Austia because they didnt want to be reminded of the horror that happened there. Jack now today still lives in America and tells his story to those that want to hear it in a church.



My theme is love all and hate none.In the book Jack used this theme to survive." I have decided to stick with love.Hate is too great a burden to bear"(Martin Luther King Jr.)


JackMoniekSamMaxCesiaJakobJadziaUncle Sigmund

Auschwitz PolandGermanyPolandAustria

I would recommend this book to kids grade9 and up and people that like books that have to do with mystery,suspense, and drama.




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