[2015] sw9g9jwrs: Survival Course And Backpack

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[2015] sw9g9jwrs: Survival Course And Backpack

By Outdorrsman R' Us155 Firewood DriveCourses start May 2012To sign up, go to www.outdoorsmanrus.gov/signup

Survival Couse Selection

Backpack Items

Survival Course ' Backpack

Starting FiresStarting fires is a very useful skill for many reasons. When you have a fire burning you aren't cold and can survive in the wilderness. This skill is also important because you can cook meat so it doesn’t give you diseases. Some vital materials are included for making these in your OUTDOORSMEN R’ US bag such as matches.

Food in the WildIn this course, you will learn about all of the basic food facts in the wild. This includes poisonous berries and fungi, edible fruits and greens, hunting, fishing and trapping. This skill is useful because you need food to survive, and you can't go withou it for more than 7 days!

RaftingIf you're riding your boat in a river and you turn the wrong way and head down rapids, it’s important to know how to navigate your way down a rapid without falling overboard and potentially hurting your self. You need some sort of boat or raft and an oar.

Staying WarmThis skill is important to learn because it is a vital part in surviving. Without heat in your body, your body temperature would go down drastically, and you would eventually die. You can find matches, or hand warmers at any outdoor activity store.

ParachuteThis skill is important to learn because you will most likely not survive jumping without a parachute from heights and need to know how to use one.A parachute is needed and you can find one in a plane. Probably.

MatchesMatches are an important item provided in your OUTDOORSMEN R’ US backpack. The 2 inch long sticks of wood topped with highly reactive phosphorous and potassium chloride are very useful to any survivalist. 26 of these new matches are included in all of OUTDOORSMEN R’ US packs. Matches are useful for starting fires, picking your teeth, and boiling water. To a survivalist a match is a lifeline, it can help you escape the cold, eat different animals, and drink clean water.

Military Grade Water FilterThis water filter seems to magically change different liquids into fresh water. IN reality it is a scientifically engineered filter, but that doesn’t matter. If you had no other choice, you could change your pee into that water you’ve always needed.

Inflatable RaftAn inflatable raft is a series of tubes sewn together to make a raft like object that floats on water. The raft can help if you are in a situation where there is a large mass of water included. If you get stranded out at sea it will help you stay afloat and not drown. Or if you simply need to get across any body of water that you cannot swim across. To use this item, you must pull the pouch out of the backpack and pull the release string and you're ready to go.

ParachuteA parachute is a device used to slow the fall of a person or object from high altitude, most commonly made of nylon. They are usually compressed into a pack worn and the back which can be opened when a string is pulled.This item can help survivalists because they will not plummet to their deaths.

Retractable Fishing PoleThe retractable fishing pole is a great item to have included in your survival pack because it take up little space, and weighs almost nothing. This helps out a person who is in desperate need of nutrition and food. It is easy to access, and you will always have a way of obtaining food in a safe and natural way.


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